10 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

10 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

What is the most common excuse when trying to make healthy changes in your life? In most cases it is the dreaded “No time” excuse but in reality that is a surface answer to cover up something much deeper like fear of failure, lack of motivation, self image issues, lack of knowledge, etc.  Yes in today’s day and age we are bombarded with constant pings and lights blinking craving for our attention during all hours of the day.  Busy as we are we always make time for things that are important to us or that take us away from the pain we may be feeling such as television, social media, multiple social engagements, etc.   The one and only Richard Simmons said “Most people are in denial about their health. We all have reasons for not exercising, but it all comes down to time management and fear. Fear you’ll get hurt. Fear of embarrassment. Fear of failure.” For years I struggled to find the consistency needed to make any type of progress with the goals I set and yes of course I used my go to excuse no time but after years of struggle I have found the consistency that I needed to transform my life.  Here are my top 10 tips on how you can find time for fitness and succeed with any goal you have!

1. Personal Development – We often neglect the mind when we think about why we lack self motivation, discipline, consistency, and go searching for some new crazy diet but in reality what we need to get is some type of audio or personal development book that will help us improve the way we think.  Turn your car time into drive time university and turn the radio off and instead work on making better decisions by listening to personal development.   I spend at least 30 minutes a day reading/listening to some type of book.

2. Make a Plan – Preparation leads to success and that is a key element that many miss because they don’t see the benefit of taking a couple hours once a week to plan out your workouts and plan out your meals.  Failure to plan goes into more detail on the importance of planning. Schedule your workouts like they are mandatory meetings that cannot be moved you must treat them as that or you will always be finding things to put in their place.

3. Write it Down – try the tracking method of focusing your efforts on improving something you struggle with.  For example if you get sucked away surfing the web keep a small notepad or sticky note with you during the day and put down one check mark for each time you get off track.  I guarantee you will quickly find out how much you are wasting on other non essential items and if needed you could setup a reward/punishment system to help you stay on track.

4. Rise and Shine – Go to bed 30 minutes early if needed and get up 30 minutes to 1 hour early.  The day tends to get more demanding as you get into so control how it starts by getting up and getting your workout done.  Here are my 10 tips on why you should workout in the morning.

5. Make it Count – If you are unable to complete your full workout due to time constraints instead of doing nothing make sure you make the time you have count by doing some sort of HIIT.

6. Find Your WHY Power – What does that mean? You need a deep reason to be doing what you are doing.  You will have days when you will do everything right and still lack the motivation to get it done and it is during those days you need to dig deep and figure out why you started on this journey and what it means.  Your WHY should drive you past all of the excuses and obstacles you have.

7.  Pick The Right Program – If you can’t commit to the workout program that requires working out 7x a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour a day don’t pick that program! Be smart in what you decide to do because the last thing you want is a big history of inconsistent with your workouts.  If you only have 25-30 minutes a day pick a program like Focus T25P90X3, or 21 Day Fix.

8.  Prioritize Your To-Do List – Do you absolutely have to wash the dishes right now? Do you need to open that email? Can you turn off the TV for 30 minutes? Remember it is not okay to put your health on the back burner! Think about the impact a good efficient 30 minute workout will have on the rest of your day.

9. Think Positive – Which all starts with the belief you have in yourself. If you continue to tell yourself that you don’t have time to workout, will never lose those 10 lbs, and lack the belief in your innate potential you will continue to find reasons why you can’t succeed.  Change your thinking by keeping positive reaffirmations that you can read first thing in the morning and before you fall asleep.  Remember it all starts with the BELIEF you have in yourself.

10. Find Support – Breaking bad habits and developing new positive ones is not easy and takes time, discipline, and consistency to make it stick.  What often looks like a lack of time is really a lack of motivation but with the right support behind you it can give you the extra motivation to stay on track when that is the last thing you want to do. Consider joining one a Challenge Group!