HIIT Training – Why You Need It

HIIT training is gaining in popularity among those who desire to burn fat quickly and do it in an efficient manner. High Intensity Interval Training is an enhanced from of interval training in which you alternate between short intense movements that raise your heart rate to about 80%-90% of your Read more »

Top 10 Reasons To Work Out In The Morning

If I had to pick a single factor that I thought was most important in a successful exercise or weight loss program, it would be to exercise first thing in the morning! I attribute my consistency to my workouts over the past 21 months to the fact that I make Read more »

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Tonight I want to touch on a subject that I always touch on but I do it because I believe it is the key to achieving long term success and getting the results you want.  I am currently following the Body Beast program but on Thursday I decided I wanted Read more »

FOCUS T25 Has Arrived

The new Shaun T workout has arrived, Focus T25 launched last week and I have been able to go through the nutrition guide and 4 of the workouts so far.  Having gone through Insanity and especially the max workouts I must admit when I heard it was 25 minutes a Read more »