Post Workout Nutrition

Post Workout Nutrition You just finished a great workout and you walk into kitchen wondering what to eat. Do you eat complex carbs with some protein like a good clean turkey sandwich on whole grain bread? protein shake? how much protein? what if you aren’t hungry? Your post workout nutrition Read more »

10 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

10 Ways to Make Time for Fitness What is the most common excuse when trying to make healthy changes in your life? In most cases it is the dreaded “No time” excuse but in reality that is a surface answer to cover up something much deeper like fear of failure, Read more »

How Can I Get A Six Pack?

As we get closer to summer the number one question everybody asks is how can I get a six pack? Getting a six pack takes intense focus on performing the right routines but the reality is you can never out crunch poor decisions in the kitchen.  If you want a Read more »

21 Day Fix Calendar

21 Day Fix Calendar Although 21 Day Fix is a relatively new program it is gaining in popularity due to the amazing results from the test group.  It is also becoming a program that can be used while travelling due to the simple and straight forward meal system and quick Read more »