AMAZING Insanity Transformation

Insanity Transformation


A couple months ago I got a message from Stephen asking me for help in losing the weight he seemed to have a hard time losing. We connected online and eventually over the phone and I was immediately vested into helping Stephen get the goals he had set. He had gone through Insanity before but could never stay consistent enough with it to see or feel the results he was looking for. He needed to really change his habits in the kitchen especially with sweets. Stephen made a decision to make it happen this time and at first he would text me or call me telling me about the urge to eat the sweets in front of him but he stayed strong and continued pushing on. He developed the mental habits that allowed him to say no when he would have previously said yes. He started believing in himself and slowly added small changes one after another. He joined our challenge group and surrounded himself with positive like minded people and did absolutely amazing. He recently sent me a message saying he won the Biggest Loser challenge at church and is now going to get into Bodybuilding.

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