Choose Your Path – How I Qualified for Life Insurance

About a year after my daughter was born (2010) my wife and I decided it would be wise to get life insurance on me, being in a one income household. I automatically assumed I would qualify for the best rate based off the assumption that I was in “great shape”. I had a rude awakening after all the tests were done when they told me I was unable to qualify for the best rate. It was a wake-up call to actually take my health serious. I was no longer 16 years old playing basketball for 3 hours a day. I had just started my career, married, bought a house, and became a father to my daughter Kelsey. I was definitely “busy” but a fire was lite to completely change my life. I had previously done P90X 3-4 times…and by previously done I mean I did the first week about 4 times I was struggling with consistency and definitely lacked accountability to actually make this thing stick.

Fast forward a couple weeks later I had found an awesome online accountability group that provided me with the tools I needed to change my mindset via personal development. I started reading books like The Slight Edge and the Compound Effect among others. I started to dive deep into why I thought the way I thought and combined that with P90X + Shakeology + daily accountability and things started to happen. I lost the “skinny fat” appearance that I had for so long, my cholesterol was back to good levels again, my energy was insane, my attitude was shifted, I qualified for the best life insurance rate , and more importantly I was a better father and husband to my young family.

Father of 3 Transforms His Life

This past month I had my yearly health assessment at work (paper in my hands in this picture) and I am pretty dang proud of the results. The compound effect of hard work done day after day, month after month, year after year has been paying off. No shortcuts were taken, just massive action to completely change my life. The doctor came in and told me “he really enjoyed this physical” haha…awkward, he told me that my levels are off the chart (in a good way) and that he has not seen a patient like me.

– Were the early morning workouts easy..NO
– Was facing my own self-limitations easy..NO
– Was the sacrifice of TV, social time, and other luxuries easy to give up..NO
– Was it easy to tackle my excuses head on..NO

Sometimes we think getting in shape is an easy as turning on a switch, but in reality if the switch has been off for 5,10,15,20+ years it takes a massive mind shift to make it happen. The journey will be hard, you will want to give up, you will fall down, and others will make fun of you…that is just the reality. But remember the person not taking action has to make excuses for his or her condition. This requires tremendous creativity and effort.
In the end choose the hard path and it will pay off.

– The clean bill of health is worth it.
– The endless energy is worth it.
– Being able to make your kids tired first is worth it.
– Giving your family the example they need is worth it.
– The self confidence is worth it.
– The creativity is worth it.
– The mental growth is worth it.
– The physical confidence is worth it.

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