Failure To Plan


For the past couple days I have really noticed how important it is to plan your meals and your workouts for the week because you never know what is going to happen or come up during that week.  Over the past four days I have been working 14-16 hour days and the funny thing is I have endless amounts of energy, focus, and drive to not only get all of my work done but my eating habits and daily workouts have stayed consistent.  When something has value in your life you make time for it, it does not matter what else comes up when you value your health and fitness you slowly start to see the excuses drift away.  I know we are all busy, that is a fact for anybody living in this day and age but as the speed of life continues to increase you need to take a step back for 30-1hr a day to take care of yourself and take one day a week to plan your meals for the week and prepare the meals ahead of time.  The formula for success is simple but so many people leave key decisions as it pertains to their health till the alarm clock goes off each morning and that will simply lead to failure and lack of progress.  When are you going to workout? What are going to be your three snacks tomorrow? what are you having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? A failure to plan is usually the first step to giving up on your goals for the week because you get discouraged after Monday when things didnt go as you planned because you woke up late and didnt have time for breakfast and things at work or at  home got busy with some project or the kids so lunch was something easy and already froozen that you bought for $1.50 because it is only 300 calories and the front display picture looked healthy so you assumed it was healthy and after lunch there was a birthday party celebration at work so you had two pieces of cakes and your friends called to go out for dinner and you ended up having way too much but justified it by saying “they didnt have healthy options” that workout you planned to do after dinner never happened because you were feeling like crap and got some late and you have a long day tomorrow so you say to yourself oh well I will start Day 1 next Monday and just try to eat healthy this week.

Weeks and months pass and its New Years Eve and you talk about losing weight this year and really doing it this time…..You do week 1 of P90x and continue to do week 1 every couple months but once again you fail to plan and fail to learn from your past mistakes so the setbacks continue to mount.

Does this sound like your story? Those are just a couple of the excuses or things I would tell myself back in my skinny fat days.  Don’t feel bad if that is you, instead figure out what you need to do to make things happen! If I can do it, you can do it! how bad do you want it? why do you want it? get real with yourself and realize the day when you are never busy is not coming…so do something now or wait for the perfect day that is not coming….