Sean’s Story

SeanNeumannHeadshotI grew up as the tall skinny athletic kid who played all sports and spent the majority of my childhood playing outside.  I could and I did eat a big bowl of ice cream every single night that was topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and an assortment of cookies.  I had a great metabolism and with my constant activity, I thought I could get away with anything.  Fast forward through college and the same habits existed but my activity level decreased I found myself making excuses to just stay at home and not make the effort to work out or eat right.  I noticed that as I got older my metabolism started to slow down but I continued eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.  In August of 2007 I got married to the love of my life and in July of 2010 our first child, my daughter was born.  Prior to my daugther being born I would tell my wife how excited I was to be a Dad and how I wanted to be the Dad with endless amounts of energy, ability to play with them for hours, positive attitude, funny, creative, outgoing etc.  I wanted to be the rockstar Dad that my kids deserved and be the example to them in all aspects of their life.  At that time I was traveling a good distance to work and my hours were long and stressful starting a career in the Washington D.C. area and trying to move up the corporate ladder.  Like all parents we were going through the first child shock stage with the sleepless nights adding up fairly quickly.  I was finding that my energy levels and my productivity were decreasing and I was unable to keep up with the day and all the things that needed my attention.  As the days passed I slowly got further and further away from what I envisioned as the “rock star’ Dad I was definitely not the person or the Dad I wanted to be and could be.  My potential was being wasted and every day it ate me up I talked about getting back in shape, watched videos online, bought books, magazines made my own workout plans and would stick to them for a week at the most and give up quickly after that. 

Find your WHY POWER

On October 17th 2011 I finally said enough is enough, I spent the first year of my daughter’s life out of breath, out of energy, and out of excuses.  I was fed up with myself and was done waking up everyday feeling the way I did.  October 17th was the first day of the transformation of my health, it was time to take control again and stop letting the excuses stop me from being the best father, husband, and provider to my family.  Since that day I have completed numerous rounds of P90X, P90X2, Insanity, and Body Beast and have regained control of my life and transformed my health and fitness.  I went from the “skinny fat” version of myself to a ripped confident father of two ready to take on all the sleepless nights you can throw at me while being highly productive in all other areas of my life.

It is always a work in progress but I believe we are meant to become the best versions of ourselves.  We cannot live up to our true potential without first taking care of our bodies by exercising regularly and educating ourselves on the proper foods to eat to fuel our body so we can tackle every obstacle and challenge in our life at full speed.

My goal of this website is to inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and start living up to your potential to be an example to your family, friends, and colleagues to be on the front line of ending the trend of obesity.  We all come from different backgrounds and each of has our own unique story and I hope I can hear your story and be inspired by the trials you have overcome and will continue to overcome to be the best version of yourself.  Never give up on reaching your fitness goals! Dream big and put the action behind the dream and little by little you will transform your life.

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